IMG_1238 Brunch, that little meal squeezed in between breakfast and lunch, is fast becoming a weekend favourite in our house. Sure – long gone are the days when we could sleep til noon. In their place, a fairly rigid schedule with a certain little toddler that sees us up and moving by 7. At the latest.  IMG_1224 But our weekend mornings tend to be lazy, nevertheless, lingering over that first cup of tea or coffee – our appetites taking a while to fire up. On Sundays we also head to a morning swim class (for C) – where I make the most of an extra set of parental hands, and fit in some laps of my own. So brunch, has been the perfect weekend option for us lately. Yum cha is always a favourite, and the all-day breakfast cafes are also a hit when a craving for eggs strikes. Actually, it has been our goal to try lots of new places before the newest addition to our family arrives, and we still have quite a few more to tick off our list. But on this particular occasion, we were at home. After a jam-packed long weekend the weekend before, we found ourselves pottering around the house attending to the chores that had been put off for too long. The deck was oiled, the garden watered, and wallpaper was hung… And French toast was cooked. IMG_1221IMG_1222IMG_1223 I used 4 eggs, with a splash of milk and lots of pepper, then let slices of freshly baked sourdough work their magic and soak up all the mixture.  IMG_1225 Then it was into a pan – and cook for 3 or 4 minutes each side – until golden. IMG_1227IMG_1228 Made into a meal with some grilled bacon and tomatoes, avocado sprinkled with lemon pepper, and fresh strawberries. Oh, and maple syrup for the man of the house Winking smile IMG_1232 The little Miss was a big fan of the ‘eggy toast’ and dived in with gusto. Her favourite will, however, always be the bacon, and we were lucky to get any! IMG_1234 As for me? Well my love for the avocado + lemon pepper combination was rekindled, as was my love for French toast. Such a simple meal, all things considered, but a delicious food start to the day! IMG_1242 What about you? Are you a fan of brunch?

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