Oven baked potato wedges

IMG_0953 Let me share with you, a simple side dish that makes a regular appearance in our household.  For with a toddler that is obsessed with hot chips (?!), and an ever-abundant supply of potatoes in our weekly vegetable box, well it’s a no-brainer really. Simply – potatoes. Unpeeled and cut into wedges. IMG_0946 Drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with whatever seasoning you like. I usually place the potatoes in a freezer bag and then add a spoonful of oil – allowing me to ensure they are all nice and coated! As for seasonings, well on this occasion it was garlic powder – but I often use oregano, paprika, chilli and the like! IMG_0947 Onto a lined tray – and into a preheated oven at 200C for 45-60 minutes. IMG_0949 I generally flip the wedges every 20 minutes or so, and keep them cooking until nice and crispy. Then its simply a matter of serve and eat! IMG_0953 We were extra ‘naughty’ on this occasion, and served the wedges with some ol’ classics – sweet chilli sauce and sour cream… IMG_0954 (ahhhhh the memories this combination draws up -  of my impoverished uni days and the many meals eaten at the local pub?!) IMG_0956 A word of warning, however…. This side dish is more than likely to do away with any notion of portion control. You have been warned Winking smile  What about you? What do you like to serve with potato wedges?

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  1. Oh yum! We've had to ban potatoes from our house while I'm dieting … they are my one serious 'can't stop' food 🙁 Love wedges in particular and these look great.

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