Mushroom, egg & herb fettuccine

IMG_0035 There is no mistaking, that these last few months have all been about carbs. Comfort food. And while some of it has to do with the cooler weather, I suspect most of it has to do with a very different pregnancy experience this second time around.  I’ve been meaning to post about it, actually, just struggling a little with limited time and low energy. But needless to say – meals like this pasta dish – have been making a regular appearance. IMG_0026 Simply – wholemeal fettuccine- cooked until al dente. Then added to sliced mushrooms, onion, and garlic, that I had softened in a little olive oil. IMG_0039 To that – we added a couple eggs – and allowed them to cook through – and form a lovely little sauce. IMG_0040 Then finished with a good amount of mixed herbs (chopped parsley, basil and a little thyme). Yes, my friends, this was a perfect comfort meal indeed. What about you? What is your favourite pasta combination?