Crispy pork tacos

IMG_0658 The next meal created from our ‘mothership’ roast pork was none other than crispy pork tacos. So easy to prepare, and enough yummy fillings to keep all tastes happy. Simply – a portion of our leftover pork, shredded and jazzed up with the addition of paprika and cooked until crispy. Along with some rather tasty black beans  (undrained!) – simmered with onions and Cajun seasoning, and allowed to reduce. IMG_0653IMG_0656 For the fillings – there was lettuce, a guacamole (of sorts), and pickle made with onion, capsicum and mushrooms.  And I couldn’t resist deviating from the recipe by adding some grated cheese and natural yoghurt to the mix. IMG_0662 I love love LOVE these sorts of meals. Prepared in advance, then served ‘communal-style’ at the table. No utensils required! The pork was delicious, as were the salty black beans (probably my favourite bit…) – particularly when paired with the creamy guacamole. IMG_0664 Yes, lovely people, I was one happy camper after this ‘meal of leftovers’!! What about you? What is your favourite taco filling?

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    1. I will have to have another look, as things have been changing at my local supermarket, so they might have them now, fingers crossed! Thx!

  1. On my recent holiday I had Ocean Trout soft tacos. Oh my lord they were good. I'd never had fish tacos prior to that but will have to give them a go at home for sure!

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