Chicken, bacon and potato bake – thanks to Pialligo Farm Smokehouse

Earlier this week, I collected some  bacon that I had generously been gifted by the Pialligo Farm Smokehouse.  Although considering it had just been judged ‘Australia’s BEST artisan bacon’ during Australian Bacon Week –- I am not surprised that they wanted to share the bacon love! (you can read more about it here). IMG_0237 Truthfully, I don’t know a great deal about smoking meats, but I do know that I like the end result! And I can’t help but be allured to  Pialligo Farm’s assurance that it takes a sustainable approach to the smoking process (using premium French oak wine barrels recycled into smoking chips), without any preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours are used. 219e393f9d3270cd91e7af50b2e89de2 And while I am a little late to the bacon party, I declared it bacon night in the BBB Household the other night, keen to taste and create something delicious with the Pialligo bacon. IMG_0238 The weather was far from mild outside, so I had only comfort food on the brain. I also had back to back meetings, and wanted something I could throw in the oven when I got home, and not really worry about, so that I could spend some time with the little one before she went to bed. Enter, this chicken, bacon and potato bake. Where the only real effort was in slicing the various ingredients, and part-cooking some. IMG_0241IMG_0239 Then, all I had to to was layer… IMG_0243IMG_0244IMG_0245IMG_0246 And pour over a ‘sauce’ mixture – which in this case, was skim milk, seeded mustard and a little vegetable stock. Topped with cheese, then into the oven for a couple hours (covered) until beautifully cooked through and golden brown on top. IMG_0248 Yes, my friends, this is comfort food in its purest form. And the Pialligo bacon absolutely shone through. Salty and smoky – and just pretty damn delicious really. A big thankyou to Pialligo Farm for the sample! So… tasty + preservative free + LOCAL = this product was a big winner in my book! What about you? What is your favourite ‘bacon’ meal? Pialligo’s  products are available at IGA (in Campbell and Ainslie), Deli Planet at the Fyshwick Markets, TwentyOne Café and Grocer at Nishi, More than Meat butchery at Westfield in Belconnen, and Essential Ingredient in Kingston – if you are interested!

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