Poached chicken with minted peas and bacon

I think I could sink a ship with the number of cookbooks I own. They are overflowing from the ‘designated’ shelves we built into our island bench. There is a pile next to the TV, some next to my bed, and quite a few tucked away in our library. Call it an addiction, or perhaps my curiosity. For I love to flick through the pages and mark which recipes I want to try. I am currently loving recipe books that focus on a specific cuisine – an Indian book being my latest purchase. And then there was this one… An impulse buy from Costco, I think, that appealed to me in its ‘clean living’ promise. And although I am far from ‘paleo’ (I love dairy too much….) the first recipe we tried was rather delicious indeed. Poached chicken with minted peas and bacon. IMG_9653 Simple, yes, but delicious. First – the poaching liquid. Chicken stock, lemon thyme, a lemon and a few bay leaves. Into which we placed some chicken breasts, and left them to poach. IMG_9651 Meanwhile, the ‘accompaniment’ came together with similar ease. Bacon and onion – cooked until crispy, followed by peas and fresh mint. IMG_9655 Then it was pulled together to create a lovely light meal. IMG_9658 Due to a toddler that is resisting ‘bed time’ – I perhaps left the chicken to poach a little long. It was a tad dry – but I loved the bay / lemon flavours nonetheless. IMG_9659 And as for those peas – well they were rather tasty. A little sweet – and a little salty (no doubt due to the bacon). IMG_9661 A nice mid-week meal indeed. What about you? Is your cookbook collection getting out of control?

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  1. This sounds like a beautifully simple and delicious dish, Lisa! You should come see my cookbook library some time! Love the fact that you have down time from the computer, BTW. That is a really good thing! Happy cooking : )

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