Chicken, chorizo and prawn paella

IMG_0160 Happy Tuesday (?) lovely people. I’m still not quite sure where Monday went…. I seem to recall working for most of the day, then crashing into bed around 7pm when this lingering lurgy re-emerged. It seems my Mama-immune-system is failing me at the moment, with a cold / bug that I just can’t shake?! The weekend just gone was, however, fantastic. The sun was shining, I *thought* I felt better, and we played host to my brother and his girlfriend who popped into town for a quick visit. We had fun at a local park, drank coffee, watched the rugby, went ice skating (!!) and out for dinner to Jamie’s Italian. And one night, we ate paella. Lots of paella. I picked up a paella pan a while ago, but hadn’t yet tested it out. So with 6 hungry mouths to feed last Saturday, I figured paella would be a perfect dinner option. IMG_0115 I browned chorizo and chicken… IMG_0147 Then added capsicums, onion, garlic and paprika… IMG_0148 Next – the rice. I used a medium grain. IMG_0153 Finally – stock, saffron and a little water…covered and left to slowly cook until most of the liquid had been absorbed. IMG_0154 Finished with some cherry tomatoes, and prawns, allowing them to cook through. IMG_0158 Sprinkled with parsley and served at the table – in all its paella glory! IMG_0162 Served simply with some lemon wedges, and lovely fresh sourdough. Even the little Miss got in on the paella action – although unsurprisingly she went straight for the prawns and left most of the rice. Filled to the brim, you would think we’d forgo dessert. But there was not a chance of that happening – for a lemon meringue cake was on the menu… IMG_0126 Recipe to follow next later this week… What about you? Are you a fan of paella?

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