6 things Saturday

1. I am starting to feel like a bit of a broken record, as this dreaded cold / lurgy is still hanging around. Let’s just say there have been lots of early nights this past week (and I should probably take out shares in kleenex…) 2. But in brighter news, there has still be lots of action in the BBB kitchen. A recent favourite? IMG_0652 A simple yet soul-warming chicken ramen soup. Packed with ginger and garlic. 3. Another highlight? Seeing my little girl take to the ice last weekend. IMG_0029 (2) I don’t think she was 100% convinced…but it was fun for the adults nevertheless. 4. But she did love? IMG_0048 Running through the city collecting fallen Autumn leaves! Who said entertaining a toddler needs to be expensive?! 5. I have now seen this childhood-favourite DVD approximately 40 times this week. Or at least part of it… IMG_0223 It seems the love of Disney has well and truly been passed down a generation. 6. On the agenda this weekend? Not much at all. Dinner with a friend tonight  – complete with homemade curries – which sounds just lovely. What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

One thought on “6 things Saturday

  1. We are on constant repeats of Frozen but I have never seen Aladdin. Love how you take Miss C skating and she prefers the autumn leaves – kids are like that! Good luck with the lurgy – they just seem to last for ages at the moment with everyone I know

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