Long weekend

Happy Monday lovely people! And it is not just any Monday here in the Capital – no my friends, its a public holiday! IMG_8824 It has been simply bliss having Mr BBB home for 3 whole days. We didn’t have too much planned, but also rarely found ourselves with a dull moment. I must confess that I did find time to fit in about 5 hours of work (early starts!) but, for the most part, our weekend was all about family! IMG_7623 We had the opportunity to head out on a 20k ride together – which was simply a perfect start to the long weekend. IMG_8740 IMG_8737 It wasn’t the longest ride, but it was awesome to be back in the saddle -  riding alongside my favourite riding buddy nonetheless! We conquered a big shopping list, with a view to being organised for Charlotte’s party next weekend. IMG_8744 IMG_8748 IMG_8749 With a big work week ahead of us, and guests arriving later in the week, I’m determined to stay on top of things. We “educated” ourselves with a little outing to Questacon, where C ran around like a madwoman. Touching this,  pushing that…aka generally having a ball! IMG_8760 IMG_8759IMG_8774 We dined with family, creating a rather scrummy red duck curry for the main – and indulging in a delightful crumble for dessert (thanks to my sister in law!) IMG_8789 IMG_8790 And we finished the weekend with a trip to “Canberra in the Park”, an event to celebrate Canberra’s birthday. IMG_8823 A couple of hours in the sunshine, listening to music. And with C, as per usual, running amok and having a grand ol’ time! IMG_7652 IMG_8819IMG_7665 (Don’t be fooled, she has no interest in eating ice-cream – just playing with it. It is moments like these when I query whether she is, in fact, this ice-cream lover’s child?!) Actually – the event timed just beautifully when I realised that it was on this exact public holiday, 2 years ago, that we welcomed Charlotte into our world. IMG_7656 A thought that captured my attention during my morning run, and saw me positively energised with nostalgia for the entire day! IMG_8797 IMG_8791 Outings aside, I’m pleased to mention that there were also the quiet moments. To sit and read, to create with playdoh, to cook up a big pancake breakfast and have morning cuddles while dawn started to break outside.  IMG_7638 IMG_7643IMG_8734IMG_8730 IMG_8733 Oh and to make a mess… IMG_8807 Because that is half the fun right!? What about you? What did you get up to this past weekend?