Pineapple ginger cake & A WINNER ANNOUNCED

IMG_7165 Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to get some quality time in the kitchen. I say ‘lucky’ because I really do love spending time getting mu ‘bake on’ – particularly when it comes in the form of sweet treats. On this occasion, a lovely little pineapple and ginger upside down cake in a recent Donna Hay magazine had caught my eye, and it seemed liked it would fit just nicely with the Indian feast being prepared by my MIL. IMG_7160 I started by simmering pineapple slices with water, sugar and ginger, creating a luscious syrup and softening the pineapple at the same time. The slices were then layered in the bottom of the baking pan, with the remaining syrup (that had been reduced), drizzled over the top – then followed by the cake batter. The idea being that when you later turn out your cake, the ‘bottom’ becomes the ‘top’ – with those gorgeous pineapple slices on full display! IMG_7162 I suspect the seal on my tin was a little iffy, as a bit of the syrup escaped – perhaps preventing the pineapple from turning a nice golden brown. IMG_7163 But looks aside, this cake was rather delightful. Moist and full of flavour – although I would have probably added a little extra ginger to give it a real spice kick! IMG_7169 We served generous slices with a dollop of double cream – flavoured with a little chai powder. IMG_7213 And I am pleased to report that most plates were licked clean! (If you would like the recipe, feel free to drop me an email). GIVEAWAY Perhaps it is only appropriate, or at the very least a tad ironic, to announce the winner of my New Year, New You giveaway on the same day as I post about sugar-filled cake. NEW YEAR _ NEW YOU GIVEAWAY! (2) I loved reading all of your entries, and I found myself repeatedly nodding in agreement at many of the changes you feel inspired to make this year. But there can be only one winner and, as selected by the judge (Mr BBB), that winner is *drumroll*…. Eat to Live! Please drop me an email so I can arrange to get all the prizes sent your way! TITLE And thankyou again to everyone who entered!

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  1. My mum used to make pineapple upside down cake, I haven't had one for years!! Ginger and chai powder would really add a nice kick to it.

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