Color Run Canberra

SAM_0505 It doesn’t feel that long ago, that we took a trip up the Hume for the Sydney Color Run. A weekend of good times, good laughs, and lots of colour! SAM_0370 Most of the original crew signed up for the Canberra event – which was held this past weekend. And although there were no tutus, and the weather was far from the sunny skies we had had in Sydney, the day was still a lot of fun! SAM_0509 The crowds were HECTIC – and I’m told there were 11000+ people at the event. I can believe it – particular when it took over 40 minutes just to get over the start line…. SAM_0513 Actually, the course stayed quite crowded the entire time. I was able to run the 5k course in about 30 minutes relatively comfortably, then double back to collect my color run buddies who had opted to walk the course instead. SAM_0514SAM_0516 It was about this time that we got caught in a huge downpour – and looked more like drowned rats than spritely colour walkers Winking smile  SAM_0520 But we finished the course in good spirits, having had a good workout with great company. I think I ended up running 7km, and walking over 5k….win! SAM_0523 We avoided the muddy ‘mosh pit’ this time around (the lure of a warm shower and post-run cocktails were all too much) – but it looked pretty well attended. SAM_0524 It was, however, great to see Canberra embrace this event – bad weather and all! What about you? Ever done a Color Run?