Moroccan lamb gozleme

Let me share with you one of my favourite meals of late. Inspired by a recipe in last month’s Donna Hay magazine, and one that I had been meaning to try for a while. IMG_6663 The only problem was that I chose perhaps the worst day to make this dish for the first time. You see, with the temperature approaching 40C outside, a dish with dough and multiple elements on the stove-top – well let’s just say it wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve had. However, I persevered – and although it may have arrived on our dinner table a lot later than expected, the flavour and end result was definitely worth the wait! I started with the all-important filling ingredients – the first of which was silverbeet – washed, trimmed, and sautéed in a little olive oil until the leaves had just wilted. IMG_6639 Next, the lamb -  mince cooked with onion, garlic, sumac and harissa, until well browned, and then combined with a good amount of chopped parsley. IMG_6641 The final filling ingredient – my favourite – was a mixture of grated Havarti cheese and feta. IMG_6650 As for the dough – well what can I say? IMG_6651 It all started out innocent enough….dough mixed, kneaded and proved. It just came unstuck when it was time to roll – or should that be “became STUCK”. IMG_6652 However, with a tonne of flour, I managed to get the dough into some sort of manageable form, and divided it into two rectangles, before topping with the filling ingredients. IMG_6657 Enclosed , and then pan fried for 5 minutes each side – until golden brown. IMG_6659 The result? IMG_6662 Oh how I was relieved when it all came together! Served with lemon wedges and some yoghurt – this was just how I had pictured it. IMG_6663 Beautifully soft dough, and a flavour-packed filling – that made me forget the ordeals of the last few hours. IMG_6666 Definitely a dish I will make again! Just not in the middle of a heatwave hehe What about you? Are you a fan of gozleme?

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  1. Yum!!!! I've never actually heard of "gozleme," but living in the middle east I've eaten similar things. This looks so fabulous! Well done.

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