Chilli tofu noodle salad

Some meals are planned – but some meals just ‘happen’. Like this chilli tofu noodle salad, for instance. IMG_6486 Just one pan to clean, and a bowl full of flavour. Simply – tofu, red onion and cherry tomatoes, sautéed with garlic and chilli until soft (I used the trust Gourmet Garden herbs = no chopping required!). IMG_6482IMG_6483 Finished with softened rice noodles and a big bunch of baby spinach…. IMG_6484 Piled on some lettuce leaves, topped with spring onions and chopped cashews…. IMG_6485 and well dinner was done! IMG_6489 Let’s just say mu Summer salad obsession is in full swing at the moment! What about you? Tried any nice salad combinations lately?

2 thoughts on “Chilli tofu noodle salad

  1. What a pretty salad…so full of colors and textures. I wouldn't want to eat it (now that's a lie).

    I really do need to add veggies to our menu, AND get a little curious with different combos for salads. Chicken and spinach won't cut it forever!

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