Cajun beef couscous salad

IMG_6591 Hi there lovely people *waves*. I’m still here, a little more frantic than I would like to be, but it is what it is. We had a brilliant long weekend – filled with many adventures, and a birthday BBQ for Mr BBB (or as he preferred me to call it…”the non-birthday birthday BBQ…). But as a short week generally means a full week’s work being crammed into only a few days, I have been looking for quick and convenient meals. And this one fit the bill just perfectly. IMG_6585 A cajun beef and couscous salad…. from a recent magazine edition under the aptly named ‘5pm panic’ section. Simply – some gorgeous couscous, combined with grilled tomatoes and fresh herbs. IMG_6587 Served with some sliced steak, that had been flavoured with cajun seasoning. IMG_6589 And finished with a side of steamed beans. IMG_6590 Quick, simple – but still oh so delicious. A perfect 5pm panic meal indeed! What about you? Have a favourite panic meal when time is in short supply?

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