Balsamic chicken salad

IMG_6508 How is everyone faring in this rather testing January heatwave? I am far happier in the heat, than in the cold, but even I must confess that the days have been quite draining lately. Tis’ perfect weather to keep my salad obsession going though! On this particular occasion – the star of the show was this gorgeous caramelised balsamic vinegar that I came across at the shops a while ago. IMG_6497 Simply – olive oil, garlic and the balsamic vinegar, combined and used to coat some chicken tenderloins – before being grilled until cooked through. IMG_6500 Meanwhile – the salad – using some tomatoes that have been just divine recently. IMG_6501 All together now – IMG_6506 Grilled chicken, lettuce, cucumber and those beautifully sweet tomatoes. IMG_6509 Healthy, simple and delicious. IMG_6510 And the perfect end to a rather hot day indeed! What about you? Are you a ‘heat’ person – or do you prefer the cooler weather?

3 thoughts on “Balsamic chicken salad

  1. Definitely prefer the cold to the heat. At least when it's cold you can rug up and turn a heater on .. in the heat there's no way to keep cool and if you're out and about and you just end up sweaty and disgusting!

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