5 things Friday

1. After the chaos that was last weekend / last week, I’m hoping this one will be a little better. I’m travelling to see my family (and celebrating my Mum’s 60th birthday) so I have a feeling it will be just wonderful really. 2. Something that Charlotte thinks is wonderful? IMG_6799 Finger paint! Pretty much the best thing ever! IMG_6795 3. Something else that has C literally jumping with joy???? IMG_6865 The trampoline she got for Christmas! Girl is obsessed – and would stay on there all day if we let her! 4. As for me – well this fine drop was a perfect way to celebrate Mr BBB’s birthday the other day. IMG_6845 Pretty much my favourite when it comes to bubbles. 5. I’ve loved reading everyone’s entries in my New Year, New You giveaway thus far! Today is the last day to enter – so don’t miss out! NEW YEAR _ NEW YOU GIVEAWAY! (2)a Winner announced next week! What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

2 thoughts on “5 things Friday

  1. I wish I was collapsing on the weekend – have family get together and afternoon at the pub – hopefully enjoying some cool drinks in the heat – love the pic of Miss C bouncing – the joy is so apparent in her face and her feet 🙂 Enjoy the birthday celebrations

  2. We had big plans for this weekend which then got changed out for slightly smaller plans which have now turned into hiding inside from the heat … hopefully things are a little better next weekend.

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