2013 in review

2013. Wow – that was certainly some year. A year filled with adventures, with family and with fun. It had its ups, and also its downs, but we ended the year feeling strong, together, and happy. IMG_6612 I cant help but feel rather reflective whenever a year comes to a close. It is not unusual for me to trawl through my ever-growing collection of photos to remind myself just where the year went. Did we do much? Can we call it a good year? Should we / could we have done more? Should we have done less? 59 Importantly, what did we learn? This time last year I wrote about growth. Physical and emotional growth – that represented 2012.  And, truthfully, 2013 proved to be equally teaching – but perhaps in different ways to the year before. I learned about caring for an independent toddler, and discovered that it is very much possible to fall more and more in love with your family every single day (corny as it may sound). 16IMG_8090IMG_9620IMG_5951 I learned that your child will seem to grow up too quickly, and go from baby to crawler, to walker, to runner…..in what feels like minutes. And that no matter how many times you plead for time to stand still – it won’t – so you must make the most of it. IMG_5798IMG_5622IMG_2853IMG_4185 I learned about the importance of playing. Of putting the to-do list aside, and just getting out and enjoying life. IMG_4131IMG_0984 IMG_1135IMG_5357IMG_3422P4050007IMG_3350IMG_5318 I learned about the importance of family. Of making the effort to see each other as much as possible, and create memories together. IMG_7854IMG_8338IMG_1483IMG_1486SAM_0302color4 I reaffirmed my belief that milestones ought to be revered – and create such beautiful memories when celebrated with your nearest and dearest. IMG_8404IMG_8504IMG_8506 IMG_8782IMG_3762IMG_3811IMG_3715 I learned that gardening is hard work, and that we still have so much that needs to be done. IMG_8209 IMG_8234IMG_4391 I learned that adventures aside, the quiet moments can be just perfect too. IMG_5922IMG_1293IMG_5301 I learned that dawn is the perfect time for a workout, and that I am truly grateful for my health and ability to run and ride. ride2 ride4IMG_690820x30-CTDA0522 IMG_3907 I learned that stepping out of my comfort zone can be a good thing – leading to new friends and unexpected adventures. IMG_0614IMG_0497IMG_5082IMG_6439 IMG_6519jazz I learned that Christmas really is magical when there is a little one by your side. IMG_5735IMG_5415 IMG_5713 I learned that being a working Mum and also helping your husband run a small business is hard. Very hard. But that with solidarity and good communication, anything is possible. IMG_5960 I learned that some things just don’t go to plan – but that there is no point in dwelling on what you can’t control. Just make whatever changes need to be made, move on, and look to the future. IMG_4252 All things considered, it was a busy year. A testing year, at times, but we emerged relatively unscathed. So what is in store for 2014? Well only time will tell, I guess. Here’s hoping that with health and happiness – and perhaps even a bit of luck – it can be even better than 2013 was. What about you? What are your hopes for 2014?

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