It was about parties, about cocktails, and great food. IMG_5278SAM_0492 About time spent in the sunshine, with the smell of Summer in the air. IMG_5298IMG_5301IMG_5307 About cute sunglasses, water parks and train rides… IMG_5304IMG_5310IMG_5318 About helping Dad around the home, and creating together… IMG_5326    IMG_5332IMG_5334 About meeting Santa – which is ‘serious’ business…. KC3XEJDD3WZ4SV8N_0031 copy About making new friends over a bowl of oreos, and a fascination with the piano. SAM_0486SAM_0460 It was certainly a weekend of indulgence, requiring the belt to be let out a notch or so….but I guess they call it the ‘silly season’ for a reason. But more importantly, and gratefully, it was also a weekend filled with laughs and fun, and memories suitably made. What about you? What did you get up to this weekend?