Bring a plate #1

IMG_5285 Parties with friends, more than often, leads to that age-old request to “bring a plate”. Something to nibble on – perhaps a starter or even a sweet treat to end the evening. IMG_5282 This last weekend, was no different. A cocktail party for some recent birthdays, where good food and good company is never in short supply.  And my “bring a plate” was pretty straight forward, but possibly one of my favourites. IMG_5286 A lovely little antipasto platter – using the best ingredients I could find at the markets. Savoury, no need to heat, and can be prepared in advance = winner! From left to right…. IMG_5279 garlic and herb cheese log, sourdough breadsticks, pastrami, truffle salami (!!), smoked prosciutto, gherkins, marinated feta and some kalamata olives. The ‘hit’ at the party was definitely the truffle salami, which is no surprise because its pretty damn good Smile  IMG_5281 As for me, I will always be a cheese girl, so tucked into the garlic and herb cheese log without hesitation. IMG_5283 Definitely a winner when it comes to bringing a plate – all thanks to our local market! What about you? Any savoury ‘bring a plate’ ideas?

5 thoughts on “Bring a plate #1

  1. A Mexican layered dip with corn chips is always a big hit. Nice for vegetarians like me too. People just go crazy for it 🙂

  2. Funnily enough, I actually always get "can you bring a dessert" or even more to the point "can you bring your healthy chocolate cake" (though lately the apple almond cake has had its share of requests too! For my mum, it's either her mexican layer dip, asparagus bread bowl dip (in winter) or pumpkin salad haha

    I always love bringing along savoury mini quinoa quiches too as they're always a big hit!

  3. I agree, I'd love to hear about Kristy's mini quinoa quiches! I also really love savoury plates like what you prepared, Lisa. I love ordering plates like that when I'm at a restaurant.

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