5 things Friday

1. This  has been a pretty hectic week, as the lead up to the Christmas normally is. I actually had a minor freak out yesterday when I realised there is only one full working week left – when I thought there was two – so needless to say next week is going to be a shocker! 2.  A great thing about Summer? My morning runs are back! IMG_5814 Up and pounding the pavement while the baby sleeps = exercise done for the day = perfection! 3. Baby sunglasses….pretty much the cutest things ever! IMG_5304 4. The customary Santa photo was taken last week – and Charlotte was rather serious throughout the whole thing. No tears, but also no smiles. Just blank (even when her two parents were waving and jumping around in front of her….not even a half smile lol!) KC3XEJDD3WZ4SV8N_0031 copy 5. Oh and in other news…. IMG_5357 I bought a Jeep!!!! Yup she bought a Jeep Winking smile  I am 150% in love with this car and have pretty much declared keyless entry to be the best invention ever! What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

3 thoughts on “5 things Friday

  1. Yay… she bought a Jeep! Wow, nice one! We have an older Cherokee, and love it. Love the early mornings… I am walking at 6am most mornings, just love that cool air and quietness at that time of the day. Charlotte, what a cutie!, looks like she is thinking 'please don't leave me here…', : )

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