More couscous loving

Another evening, another quick dinner with my recent favourite ingredient… IMG_7632 Pearl Couscous! This time, I threw in a big range of veggies into a pan, and a good amount of this Moroccan seasoning… IMG_1349IMG_1350 Before adding the cooked couscous to really pump up the meal! Finished with some toasted Turkish bread on the side, and despite its speedy creation, this was a tasty dinner indeed. IMG_1357 Gotta love a hodge-podge veggie packed meal like this! IMG_1355 What about you? Cooked with couscous recently?

2 thoughts on “More couscous loving

  1. Mmmm, it's been a while since we had couscous, last time I tried my husband wasn't all that keen on it but I think the larger pearl couscous might be worth trying.

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