Slowly I am re-appearing from what turned out to be a rather nasty tummy bug. A quick onset on Monday morning saw me sit nauseated through a work meeting, then flee home for the comforts of home (and our home bathroom). Barely able to move, and unable to tolerate anything but a few sips of flat lemonade, it certainly was not one of my finest days (and left me feeling grateful that Charlotte was in day-care and that the husband was able to get off work early). Tuesday, was a challenge for different reasons. With a lingering “cant move” fatigue, a 19 month old who was full of beans and a husband who returned home from work early with the same tummy bug I’d had the day before. Yep it has been a rather unusual start to the week, that’s for sure. No running, no cooking, and not a lot of movement. But this morning I have woken up feeling pretty damn good. I’m hungry, I can think straight, and I’m ready to catch up on 2 days of lost work / and lost life! I am grateful that this bug only lasted a few days, for any longer and I think I would have gone crazy. Being sick is one thing…but being sick whilst caring for a child and having a sick husband is certainly another!

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