Sausage and bean casserole

While there is certainly a hint of warmth in the air suggesting Spring is upon us, or at least on its way, there have been some unseasonably cool days recently also. So many, in fact, that comfort meals are still appearing quite regularly on our dinner table. IMG_3656 One such meal was this incredibly easy sausage and bean casserole, using some tasty pork and fennel sausages we picked up from our favourite butcher. IMG_3657 Quite simply, sausages (browned and halved), added to sautéed onions, capsicum, garlic, tinned beans (rinsed), cherry tomatoes, passata and a sprinkle of brown sugar. IMG_3659 And, not forgetting the secret ingredient.. IMG_3658 A good splash of BBQ sauce! Covered and into a moderate oven for an hour, then finished with a handful of pitted kalamata olives. Sprinkled with fresh parsley, and served atop a bed of creamy polenta…. IMG_3664 And this was a winning belly warmer indeed! IMG_3663 Delish! And with the added bonus of there being plenty of leftovers for an easy dinner the next night too. Just reheat and eat! What about you? Are you a fan of meals that yield leftovers?

One thought on “Sausage and bean casserole

  1. Oh wow, this looks delicious. A good quality sausage can really make or break a meal can't it! Love a meal that yields leftovers … although mine normally end up being taken for lunch the next day, not dinner.

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