Honey pumpkin risotto take 2

IMG_3007 When this gorgeous pumpkin graced our countertop, I knew exactly what I would make with it. Something hearty, something warming… IMG_2992 Risotto! IMG_2994 But not just any risotto. A honey pumpkin risotto – for those two ingredients seem to go together so very well indeed. IMG_2997 I basically followed this recipe, roasting the peeled diced pumpkin that I had drizzled with olive oil and honey. IMG_2998 Then got to work on the risotto itself. Onion, garlic, white wine, aborio rice and stock. IMG_3000 Gradually cooked, stirring, stirring, until I had myself a big pan of creamy risotto. Finished with the honey pumpkin, parmesan, lemon zest and parsley. IMG_3001IMG_2999 All together now! IMG_3002 Well I was looking for a meal that was hearty, and warming, and that is exactly what I got. IMG_3004 I particularly loved the little bites of caramelised pumpkin, with their hints of honeyed goodness. IMG_3005 A dish that again proved to me why I love risotto – it is so very versatile! IMG_3012 Not to mention being a favourite of the little one too! IMG_3016 What about you? How do you like to cook with pumpkin?

2 thoughts on “Honey pumpkin risotto take 2

  1. We've all got pumpkin on the brain these last couple weeks Lisa. We should do a pumpkin round up. I'm sure I've seen a few new recipes. The risotto looks great!

    Anne xx

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