15 minute meal – Chicken with herbed couscous

IMG_2486 I have still been slowly, but surely, cooking my way through one of my favourite cookbooks – Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals. Not necessarily because they only take 15 minutes to prepare (they take me more like 30 minutes), but because I am impressed by how creative and packed with flavour most of the recipes are. The latest recipe I tried was this one for “Gorgeous Greek Chicken, with herbed couscous and tzatziki” – and true to form, it was rather delicious indeed. Even if I did modify the recipe slightly to use what ingredients I did / didn’t have. IMG_2477 I sprinkled the chicken with a mixture of spices and lemon zest, then pan fried them until golden brown. IMG_2478 Meanwhile, I made the couscous ‘salad’ – using couscous (duh), mint, parsley, peas, feta and carrots. Along with a tzatziki – using greek yoghurt, lemon juice, cucumber and more mint. IMG_2479 All together now! IMG_2483 Couscous salad, chicken and a generous dollop of that delightful tzatziki. IMG_2491 And yes, let your eyes fool you, this serving was HUGE. Too much in fact. IMG_2488 But it was delicious, healthy and packed with flavour. And I devoured pretty much all of it! What about you? Have you cooked with couscous lately?

6 thoughts on “15 minute meal – Chicken with herbed couscous

  1. My mouth is watering right now – looks amazing!! I too am a big fan of the big tastes and little fuss involved with Jamie's food 🙂

  2. The 15 minute recipes take me 30 minutes too…but that still seems quick for the end result (my usual 30 minutes of cooking does not produce anything nearly as sophisticated!). I have been meaning to make this dish with tofu instead of chicken – glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Glad to hear they take most other people 30 mins too! 🙂 This looks fantastic, I think I will have to move it up to 'to make' list.

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