Couscous chicken salad

Another evening, another quick yet delicious dinner. IMG_0033 Lashings of salad, roasted pumpkin, smoked chicken, and the star ingredient….couscous! IMG_0031 While the roasted pumpkin took a little time to cook, the rest of the dish came together really quickly. IMG_0034 The couscous cooks within 5 minutes, and then it was just slice and serve really.IMG_0035 Delicious! And a great way to use up those fridge and pantry ingredients without too much effort. What about you? Are you a fan of couscous?

2 thoughts on “Couscous chicken salad

  1. This looks great, I'm always after new couscous recipes (my go to recipe is a quick office lunch: couscous, sun dried tomatoes, feta & olives) – I'll give this a go next time!

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