Cous cous loving

One of my staples in the cupboard recently would have to be cous cous. Taking only 5 minutes to prepare, and being ever so versatile – its no surprise really. I find that I tend to lean towards ingredients like this particularly on Mondays – when I have been at work all day, dashing afterwards to pick up C from crèche, without generally having the time (or inclination) to head to the supermarket. IMG_0278 Normally I go with the regular or pearl variety, but on this occasion this flavoured cous cous caught my attention. Coupled with some veggies, and leftover chorizo sausages… IMG_0276IMG_0279 Served on a bed of crunch cos lettuce… IMG_0280 Sprinkled with feta… IMG_0285 And well this ended up being quite a tasty evening meal! Random yes, but certainly full of flavour. IMG_0283 Actually, if I were to be honest, the cous cous probably had too much flavour. It tasted very ‘chicken stock’ heavy – and is probably not one I would buy again. IMG_0284 But you have to try these things no? IMG_0286 What about you? Are you a fan of the cous cous?

2 thoughts on “Cous cous loving

  1. I love cous cous too – mostly because of the time factor! – but haven't tried the flavoured varieties. I nearly have several times, so thanks for warning me off this particular one!

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