Good Friday 2013

IMG_9366 It seems like weeks ago now (a whirlwind weekend trip to Melbourne will do that to you), but we had the most lovely Good Friday. IMG_9482 And, as is tradition, it was filled with all things seafood, family and a sweet treat to finish. Much like in previous years…

Although, last year’s sleepy Easter bunny… IMG_5908 was this year a crawling, eating toddler instead! IMG_9392 *sigh* where did the last year go?! As always, our Good Friday lunch was more of a ‘progressive meal’, with seafood being prepared and cooked for most of the day. We ate scallops, prawns, oysters, calamari, smoked trout, and the kitchen was generally alive with energy and aromas, as the various ‘chefs’ put together their seafood dishes. IMG_9467IMG_9471IMG_9541IMG_9474IMG_9478IMG_9542IMG_9564IMG_9529IMG_9509 Our contribution this year? A big bowl of tiger prawns with not  one, not two, but three dipping sauces. IMG_9372 Garlic aioli, mango and a sweet chilli. IMG_9374 But no good lunch would be complete without a sweet treat to finish, and I used the opportunity to work on my pastry making skills. On the menu this year… IMG_9363 A baked rhubarb and vanilla custard tart……and a little batch of rosewater meringues (as I attempted to use up the egg whites we had leftover after making the yolk-heavy vanilla custard). IMG_9377 The day was spent chatting and eating, and laughing at the antics of little Miss C as she danced with her bunny, discovered chocolate and generally got up to mischief. IMG_9404IMG_9443IMG_9454IMG_9560IMG_9464 Oh and discovered that although she is not a fan of chocolate, she is a fan of scallops (expensive tastes that one!) IMG_9571 But most of all, it was a perfect day to sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of our family after what has been a rather hectic few months. IMG_9525 Finished by unbuttoning our pants, and falling into seafood induced comas by the end of the day! IMG_9536 Just bliss! What about you? What did you get up to this Easter?

5 thoughts on “Good Friday 2013

  1. love miss c with her bunny – and I will happily eat her chocolate – in fact I will skip to dessert to the gorgeous tart and meringues – they look so cute with sprinkles – looks like a fun visit

  2. Looks like a fabulous Easter. Love the photos of Charlotte with her bunny. Can't believe she's not a fan of chocolate – though that's probably a good thing. You've got a definite foodie on your hands :-).

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