5 things Friday

1. The little Miss has picked up a bit of a cold, so there are lots of sniffles in the household at the moment. We had a pretty rough night the other night, but last night was a lot better, so I’m hoping she’s back to her bright bubbly self soon. IMG_8290 2. How good are tomatoes at the moment!! I picked up these beauties yesterday and they look simply divine! IMG_8317 3. I’ve been baking. Since 6am. IMG_8314 I’ve also been cooking. Since 6am. IMG_8315 3. In light of this, I’m feeling weary and its only 9am! I see a lot of coffee in my future Winking smile  5. But there is no time to rest, for I have my Mum, brother and his girlfriend arriving in Canberra today and I am excited beyond words! Let the fun begin!

3 thoughts on “5 things Friday

  1. hope miss c is well for the big birthday – is it this weekend – I guess so by the look of all the baking! am loving tomatoes at the moment

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