Our calendar for the next two weeks…well let’s just say….it’s not looking pretty. Lots of work meetings, lots of things to do around the house (oh just planting 50+ plants), with a sprinkle of fun thrown in for good measure. But I’m determined to try and keep our meals on track, even if it means that they are ‘thrown together’ in relative random. IMG_8076 Like our dinner on Monday night for instance. IMG_8081 I ducked into the supermarket seeking urgent inspiration, and found it in the form of a box of pearl couscous. I didn’t even need to look further than the box itself, as it had a tasty sounding curried prawn couscous salad on the side (and we had all the fixins’ at home!). IMG_8078 I boiled a couple eggs, then cooked the couscous in curry powder and water (adding some frozen prawns for the last 5 minutes of cooking time). IMG_8079 Seasoned and flavoured with diced tomato and avocado, and piled high on a bed of spinach. IMG_8080 Dinner in a flash!! What about you? Is your March looking busy??

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  1. Dinner looks lovely (even with the prawns :-)). It's been busy around here too. I'm thinking with just 6.5 weeks till we go to Germany things are just going to get more crazy :-(.

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