Mango chutney chicken burgers

Let me share with you possible one of the easiest chicken burger recipes you will find. Just four ingredients – but big on taste. IMG_4903 Minced chicken, minced garlic, mango chutney and a sprinkle of flaxseed. Combined in a bowl, and shaped into patties. IMG_4904 Grilled on the BBQ for 10 minutes or so, and they are DONE! IMG_4905 I omitted the bun, and served these burgers with a side salad instead. IMG_4908 And finished them with a slice of avocado, cheese and grilled pineapple – IMG_4909 Just in keeping with the tropical theme! IMG_4910 It doesn’t get much easier than that! IMG_4911 What about you? Tried any good burger flavours recently?

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  1. I remember when a friend of mine first made me a roasted chicken mango chutney salad. I would never have thought of the combination myself, but SO GOOD.

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