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Since Father’s Day, life seems to have hit me at full speed – with work, a presentation to give (work), 3 challenges completed in TOH 20 day challenge (details later this week), a baby not sleeping very well at night, a new business ‘idea’ that is probably crazy but I am thinking about it anyway and, you know, just life in general. But thankyou for all your sweet comments about our Father’s Day lunch. I thought I would share some of the details with you. IMG_0728 Decorations Starting with my favourite decorations – fresh blooms. A bunch of yellow lilies and some other yellow flowers -  that I placed in some recycled jars I had on hand. IMG_0670IMG_0676 I found this print online (somewhere?) and popped it in a frame for the dessert table. IMG_0625 Finished with the addition of some homemade bunting – and of course – the cake. IMG_0662 The bunting was rather easy – created simply with some leftover scrapbooking paper,  ribbon and double sided tape. The menus and cake label were created with the help of – printed onto paper then glued to some cardboard. IMG_0628IMG_0669 Simple, cheap, yet effective. Food As for the food – the markets were my saviour. Between the deli, the butcher and the greengrocer – the produce spoke for itself. Starting with the antipasto platter – which came together in 5 minutes (or less!) IMG_0701 Prosciutto, truffle salami, stuffed olives, marinated bocconcini and some crackers. While the side dishes were made in advance inspired by these recipes – Carrot and chickpea pilaf – brown rice used in place of white. IMG_0664 Eggplant, walnut and feta salad – the key being good quality feta! IMG_0682 And of course, the main meal, cooked by my two trusty BBQ chefs… IMG_0712 Butterflied leg of lamb – that I had marinated in olive oil, garlic and cumin overnight. IMG_0727 And finally – the star of the show – that ever impressive kit kat cake! IMG_0628 Two GF vanilla cakes, layered between chocolate butter icing. Finished with the kit kat edging and a ribbon, and topped with M & Ms. IMG_0644 Again – an easy yet impressive addition to our lunch! But I don’t think you can go too wrong when it comes to that much chocolate. Between my trip to the markets, and the assistance of some items I had at home (glass jars, ribbon, paper etc) – this party really came together with not a lot of fuss. And I certainly had a lot of fun planning and preparing it (although I am a little strange like that!) What about you? Do you like planning parties?

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  1. WOW! this is so impressive! I love that you make it sound easy when any one of these would be a challenge for me! I'm so curious to hear what your business idea is!!!

  2. It is really cool – I use picmonkey regularly for photo manipulation (because sometimes it is just easier than photoshop) but I haven't looked at it for design purposes. I will have to check that out 🙂

    Again, KitKat cake is awesome! Is party planning your business idea? If so your onto a winner 🙂

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  3. you made your own bunting! I want to do that. Double sided tape sounds like fun – but perhaps a little bit too much fun for my wee side kick! I love planning menus but dislike planning parties!

  4. I adore planning parties Lisa, and always have a theme of some sort- colour, cuisine, etc
    I so enjoy it that I scribble ideas down in notebooks for entire parties, including decorations and food, even if I never throw them! Bit sad really!
    Love daddys little helper there 🙂

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