Sweet times

What a wonderful wonderful weekend we have just had. Sunshine, laughs, good food, great company…. IMG_9180_thumb[2] What more could a gal want?? With my best friend and her husband in town, we wasted no time in brunching our way through the weekend… IMG_9176_thumb[1] Chatting over coffees, lingering over lunch, indulging in some lovely red wine with dinner. And generally catching up on life. Saving room for some delightful desserts, of course, along the way… IMG_9196_thumb[2]IMG_9202
IMG_9210 - Copy_thumb[2] The big difference from our previous catch ups was most certainly that we had the little miss in tow. She seemed to love being out and about – taking in all the new sights, sounds and smells. IMG_9185_thumb[2] Although it was perhaps a little too much for her at times… IMG_9178_thumb[1] Yup – fast asleep at the breakfast table! Be-still my heart. What about you? Are you a fan of brunch??

15 thoughts on “Sweet times

  1. Oh your weekend looks fab! I suspect that you went to Ricardo's!
    I love your blog – Charlotte is adorable!! I have a 3 month old (Mackenzie) arnt bubbys fun!

    Take care – Bridie

  2. That is some amazing looking food.
    I like brunch, but don't have it very often, it is generally reserved for Mothers Day – after the MDC.

  3. love a good relaxed brunch – looks like a sunny day and a big one for charlotte – now I am so curious about the purple orb – what is it?

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