Its been a quinoa kind of week

I just realised that there has been a run of sweet treats featuring on this blog lately. But, I promise, that we do eat more than muffins, crumble and friands. Most of the time. And when I received this book as a birthday gift from my sister in law last week (she knows me too well)… IMG_7387 Well I wasted no time in declaring this week to be a quinoa kind of week. Our first dish….. IMG_7365 Quinoa lasagne! Although given that it contains no pasta sheets, it is probably better described as a Quinoa bake. I started by making a bolognaise sauce, using minced beef, tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic and white wine. Simmered most of the afternoon until thick and rich. IMG_7303 Followed by my favourite “cheese” sauce, combining ricotta, eggs, and grated parmesan. IMG_7299 Then with a few cups of cooked quinoa, sliced zucchini and fresh basil… IMG_7304 We were ready to layer. Quinoa… IMG_7306 Zucchini and basil… IMG_7307 Meat sauce and ricotta sauce… IMG_7308 Repeated and finished with a sprinkle of grated mozzarella. IMG_7309 Baked until brown and bubbly on top. IMG_7312 Sliced and served alongside some crunchy greens… IMG_7370 And our quinoa meal was complete! IMG_7366 This had all the flavours of a lasagne – just minus the pasta. Making it a protein-packed gluten free alternative to the original. IMG_7369 It also yielded a lot – enough to feed us both for 3 nights. So the added bonus being that we could just ‘reheat and eat’ when Charlotte went to bed. A win win all around. What about you? What is your favourite way to use quinoa?

9 thoughts on “Its been a quinoa kind of week

  1. This looks delicious! What a great cook book – I'll look forward to seeing what else you make out of it 🙂 I am still in the 'cook like rice' stage of quinoa 😛

  2. It always amazes me that you can make meat dishes look appeal to (vegetarian) me :-). Might have to track down that book as I love quinoa.

  3. I seem to go on and off quinoa but I have suddenly started using it again lately – trying some sausage rolls with quinoa – could be the start of a beautiful thing if they work – – love your golden brown top on the lasagna

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