A so-so soup

IMG_6638 I had high hopes for this soup. Few ingredients. IMG_6625 Simple to prepare. IMG_6626 And left to simmer throughout the afternoon. IMG_6627 Aka – another make ahead meal! IMG_6628 Sadly, however, it turned out rather ‘meh’. IMG_6629 A little too salty (from the bacon and stock), and even the addition of a little crème fraiche when served could not save the flavour. IMG_6630 So I’m calling this soup a “work in progress”. IMG_6633 For now at least Smile What about you? Had any kitchen ‘fails’ lately?

8 thoughts on “A so-so soup

  1. Did you try some sweetener – if you don't want anything too sugary sometimes some mashed pumpkin or lemon juice can help balance salty flavours – and I should know as I have been there! I tried some chai powder in a cake and it was too sweet – I am not usually rigourous about testing cake batter for taste but maybe when experimenting I should.

  2. I think a little lemon juice might help. Or eating this soup with plain bread or rice or pasta will soak up all the extra saltiness in this soup.

    I think cooking is always full of trial and errors and it can be a fun thing experimenting in the kitchen too 😀

  3. At least the 'so so' dishes make the good ones all the more rewarding! I'm sorry this didn't work out though – and am interested to read the above suggestions too! – and hope it does next time.

  4. I've always heard that potato soaks up salt? I'm a chronic undersalter so I usually have the opposite problem – blandness because it needs salt 😛

  5. I often think soup is so-so, has to have a real punch of flavour for me to love it. It does look pretty 😉 hope everything is going well for your family of 3 and the return to work.

  6. What a pity, I definitely think it needs some sharpness from maybe red wine vinegar? And some sweetness would round out the flavour too- like from carrots and celery. It probably isn't over salted as such, just out of balance.

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