Week 4 – Family fun & finding our groove

Yep – this little bunny is 4 weeks old today! IMG_5875 - Copy It really does feel as if time is slipping by so quickly. I kinda wish it would slow down – just a little! Charlotte Charlotte’s fourth week was filled with lots of family, fun and adventures. Walks in the sunshine, shopping trips, market visits, Good Friday celebrations and an Easter brunch. Oh and did I mention cuddles? IMG_5882 IMG_5948    IMG_5983 - Copy Lots and lots of cuddles from her parents, her Uncle, and the rest of the extended BBB family. I don’t think it will ever be said that this little girl was starved of affection. IMG_5830 Adventures aside, this week it felt as if we were also starting to find our groove as a family of three. IMG_5790 Sure there were moments when it felt like we could do nothing right, but for the most part  it seemed that we were perhaps getting a little better at reading and understanding Charlotte’s different cues, and distinguishing between her ‘hungry’, ‘tired’ and just plain ‘grumpy’ cries. IMG_5785 Feeding Charlotte remains a good feeder, and I am so incredibly grateful for this. Breastfeeding has been, for the most part (and putting aside the initial learning process) relatively stress-free for the both of us – and I really do hope this continues! IMG_5691 And, If we needed any reassurance that she is a good feeder, it came when we weighed her this week and discovered that she has put on around 1kg since she was born 4 weeks ago.  While she remains in 0000 clothes, for the moment, I suspect she will grow out of these in the not too distant future. IMG_5943 What can I say – this gal takes after her food lovin’ parents! Sleeping Charlotte was a good sleeper this week – during the day and overnight. While I try to generally put her down in her bassinet for naps during the day, there is no denying that she loves napping on my chest, and will happily sleep cuddled up like this for a few hours at a time. IMG_5957 Early evenings, on the other hand, have been filled with hours of crying and restlessness, and a baby that will otherwise not be consoled. We take turns rocking, cuddling, bouncing and swaying Charlotte through these periods, and trying anything that we think of that might calm and relax her. Baths seem to help, as did a dummy (sort of) – that we opted to introduce this week for the unsettled periods only. IMG_5832 Apparently these periods in the early evening are quite common in newborns and may be indicative of colic. I am not 100% convinced that that is what we are dealing with, but I will see what happens over the next few weeks. I was seriously considering a few changes to my diet also (cutting out dairy etc), however again I am not convinced that this is the problem. The strange thing is, once Charlotte manages to fall asleep after these unsettled periods, she generally sleeps wonderfully overnight – waking only a couple times for a feed and a nappy change  – then settling back to sleep afterwards with little fuss. IMG_5862 One night this week she even slept for a whole 6.5 hours (which was most lovely indeed!) Achievements and milestones Charlotte celebrated her first family Good Friday lunch this week, as well as her first Easter Sunday. IMG_5961 (first Easter present courtesy of her Uncle) We commemorated Easter Sunday with brunch at a local cafe with my little brother and his girlfriend – through which Charlotte slept the whole time. IMG_5986  IMG_5991 Followed by an impromptu family photo shoot using the gorgeous mountains as a backdrop. IMG_5983IMG_5985 Me – the physical and emotional Well, what can I say. I failed miserably at the intention I expressed last week to turn to healthier snacks and generally clean up my diet. Throw in Easter, lots of family food functions and an increasing love for chocolate, and I think it will come as no surprise that there was absolutely no favourable shift on the scale this week. IMG_5664 IMG_6007 I do, however, feel as if I am almost 100% recovered, and made the most of this by getting out for lots of walks with Charlotte throughout the week. IMG_5951 I am also hoping to try an easy bike ride later this week – and can’t wait to get back on the bike!!!

11 thoughts on “Week 4 – Family fun & finding our groove

  1. I'm pretty sure this isn't the time to be worrying about 'healthy' snacks 🙂 With all the energy needed for a newborn, and the smile on your faces (plus Charlotte's evident healthiness!), I'd say you're doing just brilliantly. Happy Easter to your new family of three – it looks like it was a lovely one.

  2. She is absolutely beautiful and getting so big! I can't believe she is already 4 weeks old, time is definitely flying. You look wonderful and I am so jealous that you are getting on your bike soon. I was just telling my husband the other day that I miss our bike rides together. Happy Easter!

  3. hard to believe she is 4 weeks already – glad all is well – 6.5 hours sleep must have been wonderful – love the family pic – that background is so beautiful

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday with family. It is so sweet to see Charlotte's eyes open in a few pictures this time, awake and observing. What a cutie!

    You look great! Hope you enjoy your first time back on the bike. 🙂

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