To market they did go

Charlotte and I have had quite the busy day. We started by trading in our sleep-in for activity, hitting the road shortly after 7am.  Our destination? IMG_0270 The fish markets! IMG_0269 Why? To buy some goodies to contribute to the family seafood Good Friday lunch that we have each year. Although Mr BBB’s mum does most of the preparation, we wanted to contribute a seafood dish to the mix, and a dessert, both of which I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow. Returning home from the markets and a coffee date with my mother-in-law, we had lunch then headed straight back out for a walk to the shops to get a few extra ingredients. IMG_0271 Any ideas what we might be making? IMG_5773 - Copy I’ll give you a few hints… IMG_5810IMG_5813IMG_5814 - Copy And a couple more… IMG_5809 IMG_5816 - Copy All to be revealed tomorrow! But for now – its time for a few more of these cuddles before dinner. IMG_0266 I think we are both exhausted after our early start and the day’s adventures! What about you? Do you have any plans for the Easter weekend? My little brother arrives from Melbourne tomorrow – to visit his niece for the first time!

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