Good Friday 2012

A family tradition continued yesterday, with my in laws’ annual Good Friday seafood lunch.

Although, this year, there was a new addition to the yearly event. IMG_5908 One who loved all the attention… IMG_5929 And lapped up all the cuddles on offer! IMG_5883 IMG_5926 (first cuddles with her Uncle!) Rather than a sit down lunch, our Good Friday meal is a relatively casual affair. With plate after plate of seafood served up throughout the afternoon, and quickly gobbled by the family. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. IMG_5916 IMG_5898 IMG_5921 IMG_5911 IMG_5910 IMG_5909 I think the phrase ‘dig in or miss out’ would be an appropriate mantra of the day! I even squeezed in a little glass of this lovely red wine (in between well timed baby feeds, that is)… IMG_5919 Oh sweet nectar, how I have missed thee. IMG_5920 It has been 10 months since we last met….not that I have been counting or anythingWinking smile But back to the food. While my mother in law is the undisputed seafood champion of the day, Mr BBB and I wanted to contribute a seafood dish of our own to the feast. Deciding on scallops  our seafood of choice – we cooked them two ways: Lime and tarragon. IMG_5858 Chilli jam. IMG_5918 Such gorgeously tender scallops, picked up at the fish markets yesterday. While the lime and tarragon version were quite tasty, my favourite was the chilli jam version, that had just the right amount of sweetness and spiciness.  Oh and did I mention that we also contributed dessert? IMG_5845 For what ‘feast’ is complete without a little sugar hit at the end? IMG_5850 And taken in the form of pineapple and carrot cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing. Sugar-coma. IMG_5944 T’was a wonderful day -  filled with family, food and laughter. And one that saw us heading home for a much-needed food-induced nap! IMG_5906 Although some of us got a head start on the nap!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day! Those cupcakes are gorgeous…although not as gorgeous as your new addition to the family 🙂

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