Ladies brunching

Sadly, the time has come for my Mum to head back to Melbourne. I have been so lucky to have her here for the last two weeks, as we settled into life with the newest addition to our family. Be it conversation over early morning cups of tea, discussing all things ‘baby’ during midday feeds, or just a much needed hug after a long unsettled night (or hospital stay), I am so grateful for her support. And I know that ‘Nanna’ has enjoyed every single cuddle with her first grandchild. IMG_5586 We celebrate / commiserated Mum’s last day in town with brunch at a local cafe. IMG_5636 Canberra put on a wonderful show, providing glorious warm sunshine for the occasion.  And, after abstaining throughout my pregnancy, my brunch selection this morning was a no-brainer… Runny yolk poached eggs on GF toast, with a side of ham. IMG_5633 Oh. my. deliciousness. How I have missed the awesomeness that are perfectly poached eggs!! Actually, so much so, that I raved about these eggs for the rest of the day! But now – time for Miss C and I to mope a little now that Nanna has gone home Sad smile What about you? Do you have family that lives interstate? Even having lived out of home and interstate since I was 17, I still get sad every time a visit with my family comes to an end. I wish we lived closer!

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  1. Your ladies brunch looks so fun and I'm drooling with envy over your perfectly poached eggs. My family lives only 30 minutes away so I see them all the time, I can't imagine having family living far away. So happy that your mom was able to be with you and C for two weeks.

  2. I'm incredibly lucky in that, since I was ten, all of my grandparents lived in Canberra, as well as my aunt and cousins on that side. My other uncle lives in Tasmania with that part of the family, but what breaks my heart is that my brother lives in Melbourne. I miss him! At least, for once, we're both in Australia 😛

    I'm sorry that you've had to say goodbye to your mum for now, but surely she'll be back soon 🙂

  3. How sad that time with your Mum has come to an end. Mum's really are the best. Mine lived 5mins away when the girls were young and now they are right next door :-). I know you have loads of friends and support in Canberra but if you're ever in need I can be there in 2.5 hours (and I'm not joking) :-).

  4. My family is all interstate as well. Most of my family in NY where I'm from (as well as Dennis' family) my mom and grandma are in Arizona, and we are in Virginia. It's hard, but we both have great careers (and a house!) down here, so moving is not an option. I get sad when our family time together ends too. Hopefully you'll get some more mum time soon!

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