Wrap it – bean and salad style

Tonight Mr BBB and I are heading out with some friends for dinner. Actually, when I look at our calendar for February, I can’t help but notice that we seem to be filling it with quite a few dinners and catch-ups with various friends. Making the most of “couple time” before baby BBB arrives perhaps? So let me share with you what one of my favourite lunches has been recently (aka. my attempt to stop buying lunch at work so often). IMG_4481 Bean and salad GF wraps. Made all the more tasty by homemade bean spread. IMG_4470 Cannellini beans, parsley, tahini, lemon juice, almonds and salt. IMG_4471 Processed until smooth and voila. IMG_4472 A tasty healthy bean spread (or dip….) I have been using this spread as a base for my lunch wraps. IMG_4473 Coupled with avocado… IMG_4475 Salad… IMG_4476 More salad and cheese… IMG_4479 Wrapped and rolled… and ready to pack to take to work! IMG_4484 The bean spread – with the creamy tahini, fresh herbs and hint of citrus, adds quite a bit of flavour to these wraps. IMG_4480 Not to mention packing lunch itself helped out my wallet …. IMG_4482 Gotta love a colourful pretty lunch! What about you? Do you take your lunch to work? I find myself buying lunch most work days recently, although I always enjoy a homemade lunch when I remember to bring it.

19 thoughts on “Wrap it – bean and salad style

    1. I was about to ask the same question, then read this comment 🙂
      There are only two types I have been able to find and they either don't bend at all, or split.

  1. Thanks. Now I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow :-). I was trying to remember if I used to take lunch when I worked (which is over 10 years ago now) and I can't remember. I know I craved McDonald's when I was pregnant and had that a few times I week – hard to believe now I'm vegetarian and very rarely have takeaway!

  2. I have honestly never thought of converting my wraps with beans in them to wraps with bean spread. Clearly I have no imagination. Clearly you do! These look really good 🙂

  3. looks lovely – but I am wary of prepacking any sandwiches with tomato – because I worry they will be soggy – though dips help! I try to take lunch – soup is my favourite and easiest – on lazy days when I take lunch it is a cheese sandwich and a tin of baked beans

  4. That looks fabulous! I love the bean spread. Something I definitely want to do. We usually eat leftovers or sometimes we have lunch meeting so we grab soup at the local cafe.

  5. I always bring lunch to work!! I allow myself to eat out once a week, but other than that I'm a bringer.
    Love the bean spread recipe–I might use it this weekend for the Superbowl!

    Have a great weekend!

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