Mint and bean dip

I have been on a real bean dip kick lately. IMG_4710 I suspect this may be partly due to having an abundance of tinned beans in the pantry, and partly due to looking for interesting snack foods and sandwich fillers. And just how this mint and bean dip came to be, was no different. For Mr BBB and I had our second ante-natal class earlier in the week – which runs between the unfortunate hours of 6.00pm and 9.00pm. Unfortunate for my appetite that is. Knowing that there was no way I would make it to 9.00pm without eating dinner, but only having around 10 minutes to throw something together to take with us to eat, I raided our pantry with haste. I had GF wraps. I had salad. I just needed a protein. And it was a tin of cannellini beans to the rescue! IMG_4707 Cannellini beans, tahini, mustard and fresh mint. Whirled in my mini food processor… IMG_4709 And our “sandwich” filler was complete. IMG_4710 I would have been more than happy to pack this ‘dip’ alongside some rice crackers, if I was just after a snack. IMG_4712 But as I was looking for something more substantial, I piled spoonfuls of the dip atop a couple GF wraps, covered it in salad, and wrapped up dinner instead. IMG_4716 Creamy and minty…..Delish! What about you? Do you have a favourite sandwich filler? Aside from bean dips, I love eggs in sandwiches!

14 thoughts on “Mint and bean dip

  1. Tinned beans are a great quick snack – nothing worse than having events across dinner time – this sounds like good time management skills that I am sure will be useful when baby comes along

  2. Oh my gosh, what terrible timing! Is it that they expect people to not still be working at this time in their pregnancy? What the what?! Glad you made yourself a kickass meal regardless!

  3. Your meals always look so delicious. I'm only at 14 weeks, but I'm so impressed with your ability to put a healthy meal together every night. I'm so tired after work! If we go to the gym, forget making dinner!

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