Pregnancy Update – Week 32

Happy Sunday lovely people! Mr BBB and I have had quite the productive yet relaxing weekend (which appears to be theme of our weekends of of late). More baby items were purchased, many white hot chocolates were consumed, the house was cleaned and I am just about to give Mr BBB a haircut. I also caught up with a dear friend for brunch this morning, who just happens to be pregnant with a little girl (due 3 weeks after me!).  It really was lovely to chat all things ‘babies’ over eggs and toast, without fear of ‘boring’ my brunch companion. Not to mention knowing that we will each have a “coffee and chats” buddy when we are both on maternity leave at the same time in a few months! How far along? 32 weeks, 4 days (meaning there is only 50-something days to go!) How big is baby? Apparently this week baby BBB has grown to the size of a jicama….whatever that is. Although during month 8 she will grow to the size of a melon. month8 How I’m feeling? Physically, this has been a rather unusual week. During a couple of our evening walks I developed some rather annoying pains / tightness in my lower abdomen, which seemed to stop whenever I stopped walking. Round ligament pains perhaps? I am not sure whether it is due to baby BBB’s size, or perhaps her position, but everyday tasks are starting to become more uncomfortable (and more comical) and I can only imagine what it will be like in another 6 weeks! Weight? My weight was actually down very slightly from this time last week, which I must say was rather unexpected. My weight does have a tendency to fluctuate a fair bit, however, so I am not too worried. Particularly given that I am still towards the top end of average weight gained for this stage in pregnancy and baby BBB is still measuring right on track. IMG_4400 How I’m changing? I am starting to feel "ready". And not just because I have purchased most of the big baby items, but ready in the emotional sense. This week I really noticed a shift in my thoughts from “I still don’t believe this is happening” to “omg I am so freakin’ excited and getting so very impatient to meet our daughter”. All in good time. What I miss? Being able to lick the bowl when making a cake. Raw eggs = no bowl licking Winking smile  Symptoms? More stretchmarks – this time on my lower belly. And yes, I vainly and quite unreasonably almost burst into tears upon their discovery (much to Mr BBB’s disapproval / frustration). It seems that no amount of oiling and moisturising are going to stop these little buggers from making their appearance. IMG_4401 Cravings? Chocolate. Reese’s peanut butter cups in particular. Can’t. get. enough. Highlights this week? Continuing to feel our baby girl move and roll inside me, which I swear, never ceases to amazes me. Oh and getting my baking groove back. There is a banana maple cake in the oven as I type….

13 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – Week 32

  1. Don't be too worried by stretch marks – I was 'lucky' enough to get them when I went through puberty and suddenly grew some hips. Once they fade you tend to forget they are even there – and at least you will have a cute bub to show for them! 🙂

  2. I concur with the above – don't stress about stretch marks! We all have them, and it's silly to think that we don't. A few stretch marks in return for a baby girl seems like a pretty good deal to me 😛

    That said, I remember being upset when mine showed up during puberty! And yay Reese's!

  3. I had them during pregnancy too. They do fade over time and you'll come to wear them proudly when you see the little marvel you have produced! Those tightenings sound like the beginning of Braxton Hicks contractions!

  4. Mmmm. Reese's. Love them!

    I find not licking the bowl really hard- shows what a habit it was!

    I was in the excited place for a week or so, but am back to "I can't believe this is happening" coupled with a bit of "eek, we have so much more to do!" (not THAT much, but things like baby laundry, installing the carseat, finishing up at work…) and some "OMG, I actually have to give birth SOON"

    The pains sound like they might be BH to me?

  5. Oh Reese's 🙂 I don't need to be pregnant to want those!

    It's exciting to think you are starting to feel ready. I imagine these last few weeks can seem very long when you just want to meet your little person!

  6. Don't stress about the stretch marks, I got very deep purple ones around my belly button when I was a big girl, you can hardly see them now. You will have to do some vegan baking to get your bowl licking fix 😀

  7. How funny are some of the food comparisons!! I'm 17weeks and was told the baby was the size of a sweet potato! I don't know if I have ever seen two sweet potato's the same size ha ha!

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