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I am not opposed to Costco, as such. But when I was informed that I could not even enter the recently opened Costco without being a member, well it really had no appeal to me. For why would I spend $90 on a membership before I even knew whether the store was something that (a) I would like and (b) that I would actually frequent? The concept just seems so counter-intuitive to me. However, over the weekend I relented on my rather uninspiring Costco protest when an opportunity to have a ‘gander’ at the store with my sister in law arose. And let’s just say I did not walk away empty handed. IMG_4329
Returning home with some ‘essential’ items, but also some ‘not so essential’ items Winking smile  M&Ms for him, peanut butter for her. IMG_4330 Some of my favourite muesli bars, and a rather large bag of quinoa. IMG_4331 Laundry supplies… IMG_4335 Baby wipes and newborn nappies (which we plan to use initially, then switch to cloth). IMG_4338 And, in a moment of pure indulgence, a ginormous bag of my favourite sweet treat. IMG_4333 I could not resist. So what did I think of Costco? Truthfully, it was ok. Suitable and useful for a purpose, but probably not somewhere I would frequent all that often. Although, it was rather busy when we were there, suggesting that the broader community is enjoying the opportunity to buy in bulk. What about you? Are you a Costco fan?

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  1. I wished we had costco in Adelaide. Like you I probably wouldn't shop there all the time but I do like to collect toilet paper and paper towels!

    Also required would be a humongous bag of quinoa.

  2. I agree that the whole way they work sucks – I prefer my local shops and, even were I a fan, Costco is too far away for me to get there very often – probably for the best. Our place is too small to stockpile groceries anyway.

  3. Why did you spend $90 on membership? The website says it costs $55 or $60. I paid $55 to join the Sydney store.
    Plus the website says a member can bring two non-members with them into the store. That's what happens in Sydney.

    I just bought one of those huge bags of quinoa the other day. It's very easy to get tempted to buy non-essential items in there! 🙂
    I always buy some goat cheese in there too.

    1. Hi Margaret! I went along as my sister in laws guest through her membership ! The only problem then being that they said only she could purchase and not me (as a guest!!) luckily she was kind enough to purchase my goodies for me!

  4. Teehee, it must depend on who's playing doorman when you visit! Lizzi and I went recently and got five people in with the one card. Woooooot! I use Costco for my medjool date and dried cherry needs 😛

  5. We love Costco. Although we do have one very close to our home, it makes it a little easier. We do purchase the $100 membership, only because they offer a deal where you earn 2% of everything you purchase, if you don't get back over the $50 (difference in normal cost) they refund that to you. Its a win win for us. We also love Costco's return policy. No questions asked. We've had to use their return policy a few times, and we'd be out quite a bit of money with out it. I don't 100% agree with "membership" stores, but Costco is ONE that we do pay for and enjoy it! 🙂

    (PS on weekends you can go around and grab samples from all their little stations. 😉 who doesn't love food samples! lol)

  6. My parents have a Costco account in the US, so I sometimes go with them to stock up on things like vitamins and energy bars. But I've never bought my own membership.

    I think there are some great deals, but you still need to know prices well to make sure you're really getting a bargain, and not just what seems like a bargain.

  7. I love Costco! We have a business membership that pays us back, so basically ours if 'free'. We buy everything there! Books, clothes, furniture, cameras, TV's, wine, my BlendTec, our refrigerator, etc. The list is long! I also buy our toilet paper there-its so much cheaper & easier to buy a giant pack every so often than constantly going to Target. I also love their organic food selection. I am a stocker-upper though-we have a teenager & 2 ten year olds. Nothing is wasted! It just makes my life easier & I really like all the fun products they carry. To me it is more than worth it.

  8. Interesting! We don't have Costco in WA and I've never been in one, so the concept is still somewhat foreign to me. From what I've picked up, it has more things (different brands, overseas brands), the opportunity to buy in bulk, and is cheaper? I think I'd need to see inside one too to figure out if I'd like it in reality 🙂

  9. I'm so not a fan of these stores, but it may be that for me its likeAldi, and not enough of my 'essentials' are there to make it worth my while. I have been there, but I have so many InTolerances to soaps, bleaches, etc. that I couldn't buy any of it.
    By the way, those nappies say 'for boys', is that a bit of a giveaway, or just an accident 🙂

  10. How funny! A lot of nappies are gender specific, due to aiming areas I suppose, and I just wondered. Those ultrasounds can still be mis interpreted, my BIL was told its a boy for months and through several scans, but now have a sweet little girl!

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