The final chapter – The Grand Canyon

It is with some sadness that Mr BBB and I farewell the wonderful USA today, and begin the long journey back to Australia. The last month has been a flurry of adventure and a whirlwind of gastronomical delight. From the city to the country, I really feel that we have gained a great sense of the American lifestyle, and seen a decent snapshot of several unique parts of the country. And we have loved almost every moment. I only say ‘almost every moment’ due to our cancelled flight to Vegas, and the 8 hour delay at the airport…but why focus on the negative lol 🙂 Our final ‘holiday’ day in Las Vegas (and also in the USA) was spent at a very magical place. IMG_1915 For what better way to farewell our overseas adventure than with a tour of the Grand Canyon. First, by plane. IMG_1880IMG_1862IMG_1858 Second, by helicopter. IMG_1885IMG_1938IMG_1891 Flying between the huge cliffs and landing just 300 feet above the Canyon floor. IMG_1909IMG_1912IMG_1945 And third… IMG_1955 By foot. IMG_2000IMG_1986 Where no ropes or barricades meant that we could literally walk right up to the edge! IMG_1973IMG_1984 I cannot begin to describe just how magical and awe-inspiring this place is. Truly a wonder of the world indeed. IMG_2001 And, even though it is a popular tourist destination, we were able to wander down various paths and explore the area un-guided, making us feel as if we had the place all to ourselves. I really don’t think my photos capture just how breathtaking the Canyon was, so you will just have to take my word for it. IMG_2009IMG_2017 And hey, even our lunch was eaten with a view 😉  IMG_2019 But now, it is time to farewell the sunny skies of Las Vegas, and slowly make our way back to the Canberra winter (the temperature of which, I am most certainly not looking forward to lol!) See you in a few days!

9 thoughts on “The final chapter – The Grand Canyon

  1. good luck with your trip home – those photos look amazing – we had a couple of days in canberra while you were away and really enjoyed it, but aren't places always easier to appreciate as a tourist than a resident

  2. Wow! Amazing photos! I really want to go to the Grand Canyon someday. I got sort of close when I went on vacation to Arizona but it was too far of a drive for where we were staying.

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