Taste of Australia (part 3): The Lamington Cake

Happy Australia Day! For my Aussie readers, I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing day, filled with good food and good company! IMG_4909  Mr BBB and I spent the sunny day catching up with family and enjoying a very Aussie BBQ. Complete with steak sandwiches… IMG_4910 Served with swiss cheese, pineapple, beetroot and pickles. Oh and my mother in law’s crowd pleasing potato salad. But it was not only about  the BBQ today. There was also time for part 3 of…

So far I have shared with you two Australian-themed savoury dishes. Today, however, it was all about a sweet treat to serve at our Australia Day BBQ. Last year it was pavlova, but this year I wanted to try something different. The iconic Lamington seemed to be the obvious choice! IMG_4946IMG_4948 Lamingtons generally consists of a cubed sponge cake, coated in chocolate icing and sprinkled with desiccated coconut. Or, if you are feeling indulgent, served as two halves with a layer of jam or cream in between. I have fond memories of ‘lamington’ drives when I was growing up, when packets of these delightful cakes would be sold as a fundraiser by the local Scout or School group. My personal favourite was the jam filled lamington, which I would heat in the microwave for a minute so that the chocolate would melt slightly and it would become a sweet lamington pudding of sorts. In celebration of these wonderful sweet treats,  I wanted to create a lamington-inspired layer cake. Gluten free. Also, rather than dipping individual cakes, I decided to go with one big cake. I was not feeling confident about mastering a GF sponge cake recipe from scratch, so I cheated and used a Basco butter cake mix instead. IMG_4843 I find that these cake mixes are quite tasty and produce a consistent result, so they are a great ‘base’ cake’ when you are short on time! With two gorgeous golden cakes baked, I then set about creating the ever-important lamington layers. IMG_4878 Cake. IMG_4886 Strawberry jam. IMG_4884 IMG_4888 Cake. IMG_4891 Dark chocolate ganache. IMG_4885 Poured on the top, IMG_4892 And spread evenly down the sides. IMG_4893 Sprinkled with coconut flakes. IMG_4899 IMG_4900 Presenting… IMG_4903 My tribute to the iconic lamington! IMG_4904 A Layered Lamington Cake … IMG_4897 That is not only delicious, but also gluten free! IMG_4945 Sliced into squares to reveal the “secret” jam layer. IMG_4938 A new twist on an ol’ Aussie favourite 🙂 IMG_4929 And a tasty end to our Australia Day BBQ! What about you? Are you a fan of lamingtons? Happy Baking 🙂

23 thoughts on “Taste of Australia (part 3): The Lamington Cake

  1. yum!! We went down to the bakery at around 1 to get some lamingtons and they were sold out 🙁 reading this makes me want them even more now!!

  2. I forgot to say that my mum does gf sponge cakes all the time because she uses a recipe with very little flour and uses cornflour (but I am intimidated by sponge cakes)

  3. This looks so gorgeous that I'm even able to forgive you the strawberry jam centre 😉 (I'm a strict no-jam lamington girl myself). I love that you went with a cake version. Far less fiddly!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I love the look of your lamingtons and your Australia Day spread which looks similar – we also made Vegemite scrolls here and had lamb burgers, relish and salad with pineapple rings too.
    I really love the way you've photographed everything here, looks sensational and I love seeing all of those familiar Aussie labels.

    Liz N

  5. I remember the lamington drives too 🙂 Just this morning I got a request for the lamington recipe & place in our Aussie food roll…, think I'll just send her your way Lisa…, excellent series you've got going on here my friend 🙂

  6. What a beautiful cake! It is hard to go wrong with chocolate and coconut. I will bet this was delicious.

    Thanks for the "Taste of Australia" series. This is truly an education!

  7. That gluten free cake mix is the BEST! When I was home in Oz my mum was making this preggy girl batches of them (into beautiful cupcakes) and they were not lasting too long, but even better as a lamington cake. Mum already has an order to bring some packets with her when she comes here to visit me in a few weeks. One of the girls here in Saudi made some lamingtons for our Aussie BBQ last night. Oh yeah, they were pretty good.

  8. Just cooked lamingtons on the bbq. Wrap them in baking paper so they resemble a xmas bon bon. Heat plate to high and cook for 5 minutes a side, turn off bbq and remove lamingtons still in baking paper. Leave to sit for 1 minute then re-start bbq on high and cook lamingtons for a further 7 minutes on bottom and 4 minutes on top. Unwrap and serve with ice cream. Delicious. Add banana slivers or strawberries to your taste. Good barbecuing people. Let me know how you go

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