Stuff it…

Training: Swim / Run Today saw the return of a swim / run training combination. My day started with an hour in the pool before work where I swam 2km broken up as follows:

  • 500m warm up / freestyle
  • 500m – quad breathing
  • 500m – tri breathing
  • 500m -  pull buoy (various breathing)

I am really noticing the different in my ‘breathing’ since working on quad / tri breathing over the last few months. While I used to struggle to last more than 25 metres when using alternative breathing, I can now swim quite comfortably over longer distances. I am actually hoping to use it as a strategy to keep ‘occupied’ during the half ironman swim to avoid tiredness / panic setting in. I figure that that concentrating on something other than the distance itself will hopefully make the swim pass more quickly? Besides, I would assume that it is far more energy efficient to breath every third or fourth stroke. Can any swimmers out there confirm / deny this? Mr second workout of the day was a 7km run – that I completed after work. I was ‘supposed’ to run 9km according to my schedule, however I have a special event planned for Sunday and I didn’t want to overdo the run mileage this week. You will just have to stay tuned …. Side note: On my double training days, I leave the house early wearing my swimming clothes, but taking work clothes and running clothes with me. Despite having two big bags full of gear, I always seem to forgot something. Today it was…….running socks!!! PS – running 7km without socks = YUCK!!!! Dinner While Mr BBB was mountain biking this evening, I had extra time to prepare dinner. I had chicken breasts in the fridge, plus a variety of other ingredients which needed to be used up, so a stuffed chicken dish it was. I ‘stuffed’ the chickens with a mixture of wilted spinach, parsley,  semi-dried tomatoes and parmesan. IMG_1898 Pan-fried for a few minutes each side and then baked in the oven for 15 minutes. IMG_1903 Served atop a bed of polenta… IMG_1904 And alongside steamed asparagus… IMG_1905 And drizzled with a classic jus I won a while ago from the lovely Lorraine…. IMG_1896 Despite being quite a gourmet-looking dinner, it was super easy (and quick) to prepare. I think it went from idea to dinner table in around 40 minutes. IMG_1908 What about you? What is your favourite meal that looks gourmet but is super easy / quick to make? Happy Baking 🙂

13 thoughts on “Stuff it…

  1. I'm a tri breather in training, but when it comes to racing I breathe every two – I find it easier to navigate that way. I find every three makes me a touch dizzy and disoriented.

    The key is to draft and remain positive. Think about gliding, not how long you've been in the water!

  2. I do that all the time – concentrate on my breathing to distract me through my workout. Makes the time go by so much faster for some reason!

  3. A block of blue cheese that I tell people I made from cows I milked myself 😉

    Yeah, like that would ever work…

    Love the polenta here! Actually, I love polenta in all forms 🙂

  4. Seriously your chicken looks amazing. It made my tummy growl and I just ate breakfast an hour ago! Can't wait to start following your blog! I love it!! I like making cupcakes… they look gourmet when you do fancy frosting but they are so so easy!

  5. YUM!!
    PS, when I workout in the morning before work I always forget something too. Like, my bra. Not my sports bra, my ACTUAL bra. This has happened to me three times this year. Thank God I work so close to a Victoria's Secret. 🙂

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