Training and tofu

Two very welcomed ‘T’s” in my day. Training: Today’s training called for a one hour bike ride. While it was actually a perfect day to jump on my bike and commute to / from work, which will probably be how I get my bike mileage in during the week, I needed the car for a lunchtime meeting. So, instead, I headed to gym for an early morning spin class. I added an extra 15 minutes of spinning before the 45 minute class started, rounding the total to 1 hour. 2nd HIM training session: DONE! It was actually a blessing that I fit in my workout early as my day ended up being a crazy one. Having barely left my desk all day, I was dying to get outside when the clock struck 5.30pm, and I wasted no time in driving home and heading into the kitchen to get dinner started. I had planned to make a chicken / beansprout salad this evening, but I discovered that we had neither ingredient (=meal planning fail). Rather than head back out in the cold to the shops, which I had no desire to do, I decided to get a little creative in the kitchen and see what I could come up with. And so my second “T”  came to be. In the form of a nutty tofu stir-fry. Into the food processor went peanuts, cashews, garlic, 2 chillies and a splash of water. IMG_0229 Processed until a paste had formed. I then heated the paste in a frypan with a little extra water, then added cubed pressed tofu, baby corn, beans, peas and broccoli. IMG_0232 Stir-fried until the tofu had browned slightly, before adding rice vermicelli noodles to give the dish some carba-licious bulk. IMG_0230 A quick and easy meal, which although being random, was actually quite tasty. But then again, I am biased when it comes to nuts and chilli! IMG_0235 It cant have been too bad, both Mr BBB and I went back for seconds! Happy Baking 🙂

17 thoughts on “Training and tofu

  1. I dream of tofu but eat it the same way all the time–which I love–though peanut sauce is tempting. I really need a food processor!

  2. The peanut/cashew sauce looks awesome!
    And I'm jealous that you could bike to work. Unfortunately Northern Virginia is very highway dominant. Sucks. It's not easy to live in the same area where you work here because it's so spread out and SO expensive. Dennis and I work 35 miles away from each other and we live pretty much in the middle of both places. Boo!

  3. how could you NOT go back for seconds right!!!! WOW thanks for the close up too 🙂 mm the broccoli against the tofu bundled with the noodles <3 <3 yayy 🙂

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