Laps and lasagne

Training: My training plan called for a swim and a run today, so that’s exactly what I did. Before work I headed to the pool and swam 1.2km. This week I am focusing on just getting "back" into the water and swimming. No drills, no challenges, just swimming. I do, however, hope to include some drills and / or head back to swim squad as the weeks progress. But for now, getting back into the pool and realising that I havent lost too much swim fitness over Winter is good enough for me! My second ‘session’ for the day was an after work run. I had planned to do 6km, but the clouds looked ominous, so 5km had to do. It was a comfortable run – not too hard, not too easy – and a great way to clear the mind. Dinner This evening Mr BBB headed out for a mountain bike ride with his mates, which gave me some extra time to prepare dinner. Awhile ago I came across this recipe on Mama Pea’s blog, and have been thinking about it ever since. Quinoa lasagne with zucchini in place of noodle sheets? How positively wonderful! Having most of the ingredients on hand, I figured tonight was the perfect night to make it! IMG_0240 I used cottage cheese in place of the cream cheese, and regular grated cheese to top the lasagne. IMG_0238 And these organic tomato sauces. IMG_0236 I also added some baby spinach between the layers. IMG_0243 All layered up and ready to go… – then baked for 30 minutes. IMG_0244        Then baked for 30 minutes… IMG_0245 Served alongside roasted carrots. IMG_0247 Mama Pea sure is a genius when it comes to creating a tasty dinner. IMG_0248 Not only was this a protein packed end to the day, it was also scrumptious! Even better is the fact that we had enough for seconds….and leftovers… Now I think a glass of red wine and my PJs are calling my name….. Happy Baking 🙂

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  1. i need to get in a quick swim today… glad it didn't feel to bad after the winter 🙂 this is definitely a recipe i've been meaning to try, too!!

  2. That looks amazing! I adore quinoa and normally find lasagne quite boring, so this looks like an awesome recipe to try out.

    (P.S. One of my happiest moments that's come out out budgetting was the discovery that the own-brand low fat cottage cheese by Coles and Woolies is so much better, in my humble opinion, that the Bulla and WW kind. Have you ever tried it? I hate the gloopiness of the Bulla one, though I love their gherkin flavour… 😛 )

  3. My "0 to Half Ironman" friend just told me the secret to his success: compression tights / tubes / socks. He wouldn't even do a 10K run without them, actually… if you go that way, let me know how it goes!

    And boy, would I kill for some lasagna right now. 🙂

  4. I can't wait to pull the cover off the pool and start doing some laps, not long now!
    I think Mr BBB's mountain bike ride might have being a bit sloppy, it was pouring by the time I left work last night!

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