Happy Days

IMG_9508 I have been wandering around the city recently, in awe of the gorgeous flowers that have started to bloom. IMG_9507  And, nothing says "Spring" more than wonderful blossom trees! IMG_0127 Breathing life back into the trees, after the cold Winter stripped them bare. IMG_9504 Excuse me if I am getting a little sentimental, but I am not a fan of Winter and the signs that warmer weather is on its way makes me happy. Very happy 😉 IMG_9506 Perhaps I am also happy because I fit in another great workout today. On the agenda was a bike ride – and not needing my car today, I biked to and from work! The return trip is around 32km with a nice mix of ups, downs, bike paths and busy roads. And, now that spring has sprung, it was not too cold when riding to work this morning. It was a little soggy on the ride home, but let’s not dwell on that… Perhaps another reason that I am happy today is that I had an easy peasy dinner waiting for me after I rode home. Leftover quinoa lasagne – that was possibly even better the second time around. Served with a mixture of veggies and a glass of red wine. Spring blossoms, a great training session, a delicious meal to end the day and weekend plans that will take us to a different city….how could I not be happy! I hope you are all having a happy evening too! I’ll see you on Sunday with a full recap of our weekend adventures…. Happy Baking 🙂

17 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. I think you are very brave riding to work in Canberra!

    I used too but the abuse was out of control canberra drivers hate bike riders!

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