What’s shaking, sore and quivering all over??

Why that would be ME! My oh my. Despite my recent inclusion of weights and strength training into my workout regime, it seems they were not enough to prepare me for this morning’s Body Pump class! I used to take this class regularly last year, but with training for triathlons , running and bike races, it kinda went by the wayside. Until today. Let’s just stay the class kicked my butt…..and my arms, and my legs, and my shoulders….you get the drift. Oh and I loved it. It did, however, make for an interesting day in the office. As the day progressed, I could feel my muscles tightening (in that ‘you-will-be-so-very-sore- tomorrow’ way). Not the greatest when you have a sedentary office job….. Note to self: Don’t leave it too long before you do another class! Tonight’s dinner was all about leftovers. Leftover stir-fry. IMG_9149 Washed down with a cold GF beverage… IMG_9148  Hope your Friday is a little easier on the muscles than mine! Happy Baking 🙂

15 thoughts on “What’s shaking, sore and quivering all over??

  1. Oh, it certainly was. Being unable to do any exercise besides slow ambling makes for generally not-hurting muscles 😉 But by gosh, I'd go for some agony if it meant a plate of that stir fry and a cold one at the end of the day!

  2. I have been weight training again too and yesterday's session sounded a lot like yours–I spent the day with that exact feeling you described! I didn't wake up as sore as I thought I'd be..score!
    Also, GF Pale Ale? Umm, yes please! I haven't been able to find anything like that in the states. I love pale ale!!

  3. Sometimes I feel like there is no way to prepare yourself for intense work out classes, they are like a new breed of strength training. Hope the sore muscles ease!

  4. I have being so slack doing pump this has made me want to get back into it again, that shakey feeling is so satisfying

  5. Body Pump is intense! I did it once and have never been brave enough to go back, but I know when you do it regularly it gets to the point where you can actually move normally the next day. It does feel good to know that you worked hard though!

  6. I kind of like the soreness after a workout, providing I'm not so sore I can hardly move. I've been hearing about Body Pump everywhere, and I'm curious to see if they have it around my neck of the woods. At least you got yourself to go back after stopping, I'd probably stop and never make it back.

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